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Fabrication Capabilities and Services

As a trusted source for custom sheet metal fabrication, SPOT’s list of capabilities continues to grow.


The first step in a successful project is providing a customer with a timely, accurate quote. SPOT has a team of experienced estimators to handle projects large and small, standard to unusual. Chances are after 35 plus years if it is made out of sheet metal we have provided pricing for a similar project at some point. Our estimators are also here to discuss projects with you so you get the quote with the appropriate pricing adds and breakouts that you need to do your job effectively.

Project Management

From the moment a quote turns into a SPOT order, each job is assigned to a Project Manager. The Project Manager is your single point of contact regarding everything from submittal information, production scheduling, change order management, and delivery information. The Project Manager is here to help you make sure your projects go as smoothly as possible.

Detailing (CAM / CAD)

Many of the projects we are awarded are intricate and complex as a custom fabricator every part we build passes through our Detailing Department. CAD Assembly Drawings are produced for every Spiral Round and Oval project. Once approved by our customer these drawings are used to fabricate duct systems as specified and according to our shop standards. Assembly drawings are then shipped with duct as a guide to installing contractor.

Custom Fabrication

SPOT has worked hard to earn its reputation as a premier fabricator of custom duct systems. It has long been our goal to fabricate duct in such a way that makes installation as efficient and as profitable possible for the contractor. Cut to length pipe and factory mounted taps and flanges (work performed by our skilled fabricators in our controlled environment) ensure that the duct is of the highest quality and that pieces go together effectively and efficiently. A purchase order issued to SPOT ensures that work completed in our factory saves installing contractors time and money in the field.

Duct Installation

Since our company’s inception we have remained committed to being a pure fabrication shop. WE DO NOT INSTALL the products we fabricate. This allows us to avoid the problems associated with competing with our own customers. SPOT does have an extensive list of experienced customers that we would be glad to recommend should you need installation assistance.

Shipping / Delivery Solutions

SPOT Customers are welcome to stop by our shop to pick up orders. Most of the duct we produce is shipped in truckload quantities directly to job sites. SPOT’s shipping coordinator provides sales reps and installing contractors shipping schedules and delivery updates.

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